Tuesday, January 19, 2016

New Year... New Format

Is this the end of Tales?

No, not really. I'm thinking of it as moving out of the basement and getting more serious about things.

We will continue under a new name - a Gallery of Curiosities. We're already settling into our new home at http://gallerycurious.com.

If you are subscribed, you will not be dropped. The RSS feed will remain the same and continue.

We are buying new original stories, but are still digging through our favorite online public domain sources too. Our slush readers are already chained to special desks bolted to the floor in the Gallery's attic and being offered meager bowls of gruel only after they finish reading down their daily piles.

And come Christmas, we will probably find out way back here, to where we started, on the sooty cobblestoned streets of New Babbage.

See you soon, at the new Gallery. We've collected such odd things for you to ponder.