Monday, May 2, 2011

The Bodysnatcher

In the early 19th century in Scotland, medical cadavers were in such high demand that a criminal element, known as body-snatchers, or resurrection men, gave rise to a particular public fear and revulsion. In the year 1827 a pair of Irish immigrants sold a body which had died of natural causes in a boarding house to an Edinburgh medical school. The money was so good, that for the next year, they set about procuring bodies without the trouble of digging in graveyards in the dead of the night. The Burke Hare serial murders were memorialized by Robert Louis Stevenson in his 1884 fictional story, The Bodysnatcher. Read for you by the sultry Scotsman of Brunel Hall, Victor1st Mornington.

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First publication: Pall Mall Christmas "Extra" December 1884

reader: Victor1st Mornington
music: Kevin MacLeod
outro: Byron Wexhome
postproduction: Mosseveno Tenk
runtime 53:41
Radio Riel airdate: April 3, 2011

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