Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Christmas Eve Broadcast 2015

Christmas in New Babbage. What could possibly go wrong?

Sir Emerson and the Squire entertain a strange customer at the Gangplank on Christmas Eve and present new original stories of holidays in the city… with urchins. Make a cup of hot chocolate and gather your friends around the radio for a really old fashioned Christmas in New Babbage. Broadcast times are 1pm and 7pm Thursday, Dec. 24th, PST (California) time,  courtesy of Radio Riel Steampunk, or set your podcatcher to grab it off iTunes to listen whenever you are.

If you like what we're doing, give us some stars on iTunes. Is anyone listening at all? We really don't know beyond our avatars sitting around in pixel bars while our real selves are hundreds and thousands of miles away, getting quite drunk. We are here we are here we are HERE!

This will probably be the last broadcast in this format. Kevin thinks there's a void for steampunk fiction out in podcast land, and he's loony enough to try and fill it. Here's looking forward to the New Year with vintage and original weird fiction and steampunk tales for you to enjoy! 

Test of the Magi by Emerson Lighthouse
Sir Emerson - Emerson Lighthouse
The Squire - Martin Malus
Nicholas - Mavromichali Szondi
Johnny Dawkins - The Radio Riel Intern

A Clockwork Christmas Secret by Nyree Rain
Reader - Fauve Aeon

Spare a Penny written and performed by MacKnight Culdesac
The Urchins - The Cabbits

The Christmas Penny written and performed by Maxwell Grantly
(Free picture book available on iBooks, get it for your kids!)

Additional music: Jon Sayles, Kevin MacLeod
New Babbage Shore by MacKnight Culdesac

Production: Kevin Frost
Skype Conference Call Engineer: Gabrielle Riel
Runtime: 58:19

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